A promenade question

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A promenade question

Postby OscarMac » 14 Jul 2010, 09:59

In the 50s, when my mum would take my brother and myself for a day on the beach, her favourite billet was by the 'rails' which were roughly situated half way between what is now the Cat and Dog Home and the Marine Gardens.
Was this a leftover from a wartime launching facility? If so, what exactly?

I hope someone on the forum can fill in the blanks.

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Postby wangi » 14 Jul 2010, 11:46

Welcome to Talk Porty.

Something to do with the SMT facility for producing landing craft during WW2?
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Postby OscarMac » 04 Sep 2010, 19:42

wangi, thanks for that. I'd forgotten all about the SMT being there.
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Re: A promenade question

Postby toby » 27 Apr 2012, 21:37

You may be thinking about the place where they stored the Power Station's DKUW road/sea vehicle which was used
to go out to the towers which stood about opposite the bottom of Kings Road. I thing the towers were outlets for cooling water
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Re: A promenade question

Postby OscarMac » 03 May 2012, 19:00

I remember the amphibian 'duck' well, it would drive out from the Power Station gate at the foot of Kings Road and continue down the ramp at the wind break structure on the prom, I haven't a clue what the proper architectural term is!
My very earliest memories of the launching rails further along would be around 1954 ish and they were very derelict even then.
I'll go with wangi's assertion that they were connected with landing craft launching.

Over to you...
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