Old PHS Bell?

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Old PHS Bell?

Postby twellys » 30 Apr 2013, 15:28

I live in one of the houses converted from the old Portobello High School (1d Duddingston Park), just down from Cherry Tree Nursery.

There is a bell gable on the north side of 1d, but no bell. For my idle curiousity, where has the bell gone please? To the PHS?

Also, there is a stone gate at the side of 1d that now leads to the back garden of 1d. On the back of the gate, at the top, there are marks of something added to the gate - a gas light perhaps? something metal?

Puzzled of Old Porty,

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Re: Old PHS Bell?

Postby IanB » 17 Nov 2014, 05:12

I attended Portobello Primary School approx 1937 to 1942. I now live in Canada but when I returned to Edinburgh a few years ago, I visited the site and found that some parts of the outer walls had been incorporated into some sort of housing complex. What was/is this please?

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