AJ Dempsey, footballer

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AJ Dempsey, footballer

Postby Johnny Meynell » 14 Mar 2018, 16:47

Hello everyone,

I am the Halifax Town historian and currently compiling the A-Z of players. During the wartime 1940-41 season, we had a guest player called AG Dempsey, who was at the time registered as a Leeds United player. Recent research reveals, via the Yorkshire Post, that he hailed from Portobello, and played for Musselburgh Athletic before moving to Leeds to train as an engineer. Later, an AJ Dempsey guested for Southampton, Portsmouth and Luton Town - reports say that he was a Leeds United player, so more than likely it was the same player as the AG Dempsey who played for Halifax Town. Using this, I've been on website Scotland's People and found an Alan Joseph Dempsey born in Portobello in 1941. It's more than a fair chance that this person has connections with our footballer. Perhaps it was his son. Does any one have any information that could clear up who this player was - AG or AJ Dempsey, and are there any members of his family still connected with Portobello?

Hope someone can help.

My email address is johnnymeynell@aol.com.

Thank you.
Johnny Meynell
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