The Scottish Cup

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The Scottish Cup

Postby Franck » 18 Apr 2012, 11:27

Thought I'd start a wee thread and see who supports who, what people reckon the result will be, and where they would want the final played? ( this on the back of Maureen Child's email effort asking for the game to be played at Murrayfield)

Me?I'm a Hibby, season ticket holder, home and away obsessive.Quite sad, but this is the burden I've carried since child-hood.I'm strangely confident we'll get a result, call it destiny, call it kismet, call it stupidity, I'm weirdly confident.

As for venue, Hampden for me all day long...Murrayfield is for rugby, plus it's too close to Tynie :)

I just hope the day passes off in a reasonably decent atmosphere with no real issues.

Bring on the 19th!
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Re: The Scottish Cup

Postby Makaveli » 18 Apr 2012, 12:22

I am a Dons fan so couldn't care less who wins the Scottish Cup this year :lol:

My head says that it should be moved to Murrayfield but knowing the SFA they will do SFA about making that happen. I am sure the rugby toffs wouldn't be too happy with this either.

As for who will win I think it will be 1-1 at full time with Hibs winning it 7-6 on pens.
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