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Victor Hugo

Postby magbagpuss » 30 Jun 2012, 11:12

Just popped in to welcome Victor Hugo to Porty and to wish them well. Good stock , not too expensive . quite a lot of overlap with Earthy. There was 1 man in front of us . 3 girls , 1 serving. First day , give them a bit of space. Did wait upward of 5 minutes in which time 1of them made beautiful looking coffees, 1 as requested started filling rolls . Her hair was not tied back properly and was loose and floating over her face , she constantly had to flick it back. When we did get served girl was a bit flustered so had a bit of chat with her about first days. Cupcakes had just been delivered . They looked wonderful. Asked for cheese and girl seemed confused to which one she had given me. A man came in to use the cafe and could not get his single buggy passed even though I moved a box of crisps. You must assume at one point a buggy will enter your shop . Do not think this has been allowed for. Was overcharged and asked for bill to be checked , had been charged twice for an item , very hastily rectified but no apology given at any point for overcharge or length of wait.
Not sure about return visit , Earthy does it better but best cupcake ever and put in polystrene soup container with lid for travel . Great idea.
Think it will be an asset to Porty. Sometime soon. This may seem harsh but I work in customer service and winced more than once .
whatever, am i bovvered
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