Zoo escapee - red alert!

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Zoo escapee - red alert!

Postby Doris » 22 Aug 2012, 18:08


We spotted it sitting on the bridge over the railway on Seafield Road this morning. Thought I was seeing things but checked with zoo and they confirmed that this bird had flown :roll: :roll: :roll:
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Re: Zoo escapee - red alert!

Postby wangi » 22 Aug 2012, 21:26

It's quite something:
(photo credit: Bjørn Christian Tørrissen, from here)
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Re: Zoo escapee - red alert!

Postby magbagpuss » 23 Aug 2012, 12:55

Want a laugh ? Looked out our front window . Across the road 3 big seagulls were on the roof getting stuck into something red that looked like it was flapping ! Magi phones the Zoo being all helpful as the missing bird was at the Dog and Cat Home yesterday . Lovely guy at the Zoo tells me he will let the keeper know as he is out on the road looking for the Ibis . Got call back to say bird and keeper at Crammond . It was a semi-chem bag ..... Muppet , guy at Zoo did have a laugh . Do hope the bird gets home safe! friends who work and live at the Home got some cracking pics though !
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