Fiasco at Porty Xmas Light Switch On

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Fiasco at Porty Xmas Light Switch On

Postby twellys » 03 Dec 2013, 21:05

Hi Porty-ites,

Wife reported that the Porty Xmas ligt switch on was happening last Thursday, through the Porty page on Facebook Facebook is banned at my work, so just relying on this site for events, so was surprised there was no news of when the switch on of the Xmas lights here. We didn't know when the lights would start, and no website would tell us, so we figured ~6pm.

Anyway, we got down to the High Street for around 5.30pm, and saw the kids around the snow-maker at Favers Candy. We dropped in at the Mouse Hole, for nibbles and purchases. We enquired on when the switch on was happening, however the response was maybe after the choir.

We listened to the children's choir at 6pm, which was good. After it finished though, the parents and children dispersed but not switch on. So, we toured the shops - CHSS had nibbles but not news of the switch on. The same for the Wild Flower Shop (Biscuits/Mulled Wine), Popeyes (Nibbles), MC, SA (Mince Pies), BHF, The Front Room (10% off), Top Hat, Gallery (Mulled Wine), Computer School, and the Antiques place (nibbles) on the corner with the old phone box. No-one knew when the Xmas light switch on was happening.

Tired and weary, we trudged back up the high street towards the Brighton Road. Nearly there, we found the switch-on had happened, but the distance that the Xmas lights made was appalling.

We'll probably not go to the next one, unless they improve significally.



PS. Some of the shops advertised on the Xmas poster as open were not (Findlays, etc.) - Naughty!
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Re: Fiasco at Porty Xmas Light Switch On

Postby wangi » 03 Dec 2013, 21:32

Hi Tim, the Christmas Crawl wasn't meant to be an event that tied in with the turning on of the Christmas lights. The lights were originally meant to be turned on Monday evening, and unceremoniously at that. Some strings were pulled to get them turned on Thursday. It didn't work out perfectly, but it was never going to be some sort of wonderful turn on anyway since the lights are activated individually (there's not just a single on switch).

Re the traders - the Christmas Crawl is an event they organised themselves, it's good to see that happening and I hope it grows from there.

What we do need is some guerilla decorations on the tree :)

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Re: Fiasco at Porty Xmas Light Switch On

Postby twellys » 04 Dec 2013, 10:42

Thanks for that wangi - didn't realise it was the traders who organised it.

(Although one of the traders said the Minster of the Baptist Church persuaded him to stay open!)

Poor show on the xmas lights though, and I see the same lights have used in other suburbs of Edinburgh.
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