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Welcome & guidelines

Postby administrator » 11 Sep 2007, 21:57

Welcome to the Talk Porty discussion forum. This site aims to be a useful and relevant online resource for Portobello - an online "High Street". This is your space to discuss and debate any matter of interest with relevance to the Portobello area.

However remember to be respectful of other opinions, and express yourself in a way that is not likely to offend others.

Posting guidelines

In short: be nice!

The long version: there is no complete long version - the following points are a rough guideline (but that's all they are):
    1. Be nice: Personal attacks against forum members will not be tolerated. This includes (but not limited to) attacks on the comments, ideas, language skills, spelling, punctuation, age, gender, sexual orientation, physical appearance, ability/disability, politics and cultural or religious beliefs of other forum members. Your right to freedom of speech has to be balanced with your responsibility not to cause offence. You are free to debate and to disagree, but in a manner that is respectful of the rights and feelings of others.

    2. Be fair: This isn't an online Gladiator ring, do not post and debate in an aggressive manner. Don't use offensive language.

    3. Be on topic: We have a number of sub-forums, try and stick to relevant content in each.

    4. Be respectful of privacy: For example, don't post private details of other people.

    5. Technical: Avatars shall be no wider than 120 pixels, or larger than 20k in size. No image posted shall be bigger than 640x480 pixels. Don't use multiple usernames (if you'd like to change your username contact the administrator). Observe other generally accepted netiquette.
Any post which breaches these guidelines, or is otherwise found to be inappropriate by the administrator may be locked, deleted or moved. Users will be notified of moderation actions by an edit to the message, or a private message.

Any feedback or complaint should be made using a private message to Wangi, or an email to Image

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