Northfield and Willowbrae Community Council

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Northfield and Willowbrae Community Council

Postby gspearson » 14 May 2014, 16:13

Porty people have cousins up the road in Northfield & Willowbrae which actually stretches from Holyrood Palace to Duddingston Village, from Piershill right down to the Hamiltons and Duddingston Road. N&W even has two High Schools (one called Portobello). So perhaps I may be allowed to mention that a new Community Council for N&W has been elected and its second meeting is on 12 June in the Northfield Community Centre.

Everyone is welcome. More information on or from We are even on Facebook: look for Northfield and Willowbrae. We would really like to hear from people with issues and ideas.

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