Police investigation - targeted vandalism

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Police investigation - targeted vandalism

Postby Portobello Market » 26 Jan 2014, 20:08

Hi folks. I'm posting here as Graham Kitchener, but I only have Portobello Market as a login.

There have been 3 incidents of vandalism against me personally, targeting my car and my van, parked in John Street. The most recent this weekend saw the removal of the sign writing magnetic signs from the van. They are 1.5m in length by about half a metre deep. Two of them have the logo for "The Renovator" on them in blue

So far the value of all attacks is in the region of £1000.

Because of this 3rd attack the police now believe I am being targeted and have started am official investigation.

Of anyome has any information please reply or contact me personally.
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Re: Police investigation - targeted vandalism

Postby A Porty Zombie » 17 Feb 2014, 18:08

I'm sorry to hear about this Graham. Has there been any developments this your post?
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