Portobello Old Parish Church - will it close for good?

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Portobello Old Parish Church - will it close for good?

Postby Sceptic » 07 Jan 2016, 10:40

It would seem that the Kirk Session of the now "Portobello & Joppa" Parish Church, in other words, St Philips, is determined to close down these premises, for good. They want to sell them off as, in their words, it runs at a loss, mainly down to the way they do the accounting. Where will all those who use the halls etc go? They cannot use the Halls at Joppa, they are full. What part of a "Union" is it where one church carries on in it's own sweet way and the other two simply disappear? Meanwhile Stewart Weaver and his cohorts go on their own sweet way collecting money from the Sale of two Manses, hopefully, if planning permission is granted, the sale of Rosefield (St James' Church) and now the Old Parish. Total that should be collected so far, about £1 MILLION.
So, if you don't want to see this vital facility disappear, make your voice heard!
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