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Rosefield Street / Hope St

PostPosted: 26 Feb 2014, 15:01
by gene
Hi Everyone, I have just joined and signed in Gene. I'm not familiar with forums etc, so not sure if I'm doing this right.
My late parents bought a house in Rosefield Street in 1947 which was called Hope Street then. The name was changed in the 1960's because Portobello Midlothian was to be part of Edinburgh and as there was already a Hope Street in Edinburgh. Hope Street Portobello was changed to Rosefield street and was given the postcode EH15 1AY. They lived there over forty very happy years bringing up their family.
We were just wondering about Rosefield Street now. We had a look on Google Maps and was able to have a wee tour! Doesn't seem to have changed a lot.
The names that we remember living in the street then were;
1. Crawford
2. McLeod then Dudgeon
3. Clark
4. Scott & Bell
5. Archibald/May
6. McDonald
7. Forker & Watson then Murray
8. Robertson
9. Demarco
10 Moir/Pearson
11. Brydon
12 Bibby
13. Hunter/McColl then Wilson
14. Milligan
15. Dunnet
16. Tait

We have probably got some mixed up especially at nos. 4 & 7. We were just wondering who lives in the street now?

We also remember the GP's; Dr Baxendine and her husband Dr Watson then Dr Elizabeth Laird and her husband Dr Ramsay in Brighton Place. They won't be there now. Then there is Towerbank Primary and Portobello Senior Secondary School although that's changed now.

Good to share our thoughts, a blast from the past!

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PostPosted: 27 Feb 2014, 00:06
by Bob Jefferson
Hi Gene, I have lived at no. 10 for the last 22 years and have done a bit of research into our house. Mr Clark at no. 3 died a few years back but his wife, Anne, is still there. The Robertsons are still at no. 8. Ken Milligan at no. 14, who I believe lived his entire life in the street, died and his wife moved out. They were the first couple to be married at St James Church.

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PostPosted: 27 Feb 2014, 00:10
by Bob Jefferson
Which number did your parents live at?

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PostPosted: 27 Feb 2014, 11:26
by gene
I have just typed out a long reply but it said website had expired and it seems I've lost the lot!

Re: Rosefield Street / Hope St

PostPosted: 27 Feb 2014, 11:36
by gene
It said web page had expired so where has my reply gone?

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PostPosted: 27 Feb 2014, 15:09
by gene
Here I am again, my next attempt; don’t know where my reply disappeared to! As I said I’m new to all this!

Hi Bob Thank you for replying to my post. I typed out a long reply earlier but it then said webpage had expired and I seem to have lost the lot! I had clicked on save at the bottom but can’t find where it’s saved on the Forum! Oh this modern technology! So I’m now trying to remember what I wrote the first time round.

You’ve lived in the street for 22 years, are you local or did you move there from further afield? Wonder if you’re the only one on here that lives in Rosefield Street. Would be interesting to hear what you have found doing your research into no. 10.

Your neighbours at no. 9 all those years ago were Mrs Demarco senior and her son and his wife. They had an Italian ice cream shop in the High street, lovely ice cream! They had four children two boys and two girls Tony, Margareta, Maria don’t remember the other son’s name.

Your neighbour at the other side then, at no. 11 was we think Miss Brydon. When she died the house was rented out to a couple who had a daughter. He was a Lay Preacher and unfortunately had a problem with alcohol. They didn’t live there long and don’t know what happened after that. We always thought that the property seemed to lean to one side don’t know if it was an illusion or not but I think the Figgate burn would be near the bottom of the garden so that may have been a factor.

At no. 12 lived Mr & Mrs Bibby who had two daughters Maureen and Elizabeth. Mr Bibby was a medical student from South Africa. He seemed to give up his studies and worked at Leith Docks. Mrs Bibby was a lovely pianist and it was lovely to listen to her piano playing.

That’s good to hear that Clark is still at no. 3. What we can remember back then was that Mr & Mr Clarke had we think four children two boys and two girls the names that spring to mind are Elliot, Ian, Evelyn, Anne one had Sheila who had a son.

Nice to hear that Robertson is still at no 8 think there were two children we think the girl was called Joyce.

At no. 14 we remember that Mrs Milligan senior lived there with her son Ken and his wife. They had two daughters, Ruth and Lucy. Perhaps Mrs Milligan has gone to live near her children and grandchildren now. Ken was an elder at St James. I was surprised to hear that they were the first to be married there. I think Ken would have been born early 1900’s and I would have thought the church would have been built long before then but I don’t know the history of St James. I remember the minister was Mr Bruce Thomson who lived with his wife in Duddingston with their black Labrador called Cora. Unfortunately Mr Thomson died in the early 1970’s.

At the back of the houses; no. 12 to no. 16 there was a lane and that was the way the coal was delivered to these houses. The lane went down to the Figgate burn which made its way to the Firth of Forth. Where the lovely golden sandy beach was and families had a lovely time. Portobello used to be very busy during the summer holidays I wonder if it still is.

There must be problems parking in the street now. No one had cars all those years ago. They just got the bus up to town and the train from Portobello station if going further afield. But of course the station was closed. I think Mr Clark was one of the first to have a car in the street.

Our family lived very happily at no. 16. The house was named Briarbank as they lived in that area of Edinburgh before moving to Portobello. All the houses had names which were on the glass panel above the main door. The front garden used to have a Privet hedge round it but it was taken away and our uncle made a metal fence which was painted black and erected on top of the wee wall. He built a greenhouse at the back wall of the house in the back garden. At the bottom of the back garden were three dessert apple trees and we had an ample supply of large juicy golden yellow apples! Also there was a wooden gate at the front garden which was replaced by a metal gate and that was painted black too. The front garden used to have grass in the middle of both sides but that was replaced with slabs as the grass was small and was difficult to cut. There were rose bushes all around the front garden which looked very neat and tidy with the array of colour and the scent of the roses. All the neighbours were very nice and no problem at all. They all kept themselves to themselves in those days and all worked very hard.

We would be very interested if we could find out who lived at no. 16 from the 1980’s onwards and who lives in the other houses too and how things are in the street now.

I’m sure no one will be interested in all this anyway but it was nice to reminisce! Sign of old age or what?! Oh!

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PostPosted: 27 Feb 2014, 21:13
by Bob Jefferson
HI Gene, thanks for your reply and sorry you had to type it all out again. I'm very interested to hear your reminiscences. I moved to Edinburgh in 1976 and then to Portobello around 1992, so still regarded as an 'incomer'. I married a local girl, whose parents still live in Straiton Place.

Here's what I know about Ken Milligan, based on an interview I did with him a few years before he died:

Kenneth Milligan was born in Winnipeg, Canada in 1915. His parents had decided to emigrate after they married in April 1913. It was the first wedding to be conducted at the newly built St James Church in Rosefield Place. Ken's father, a carpenter, found work with the Western Railway Company. They came back to Portobello on return tickets when Ken's younger brother died. They never returned, moving in instead with Ken's maternal grandfather at 2 Hope Street. Prior to its merger with Edinburgh, he had been the Superintendent of Parks in Portobello. They moved into no. 7 in 1926 and were the first household in the street to have an electricity supply in that year. Ken moved to no. 14 in 1948 and was married to Helen in the following year. During the war he served in the medical corps and worked thereafter as an administrator in the Health Service until his retirement.

Ken was a lovely old guy. I remember how he once slipped me a £20 note from his wheelchair for our young son and insisted I keep it. I'll post you some more stuff when I get some time.

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PostPosted: 27 Feb 2014, 21:21
by Bob Jefferson
No. 10 was built in 1872. It was the home of the potter A.W. Buchan from 1874-1879 and lived in by 3 generations of the Moir family from 1894 to 1985. I have letters from people who lived in the house and know a bit about some of the previous owners.

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PostPosted: 27 Feb 2014, 21:22
by Bob Jefferson
No. 11 was demolished last year and is currently a vacant site.

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PostPosted: 27 Feb 2014, 22:28
by Bob Jefferson
Thought you might like this. It's film of a street party we held in 2008. The bellydancer, Moira, is the current owner of no. 16.

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PostPosted: 27 Feb 2014, 23:10
by gene
Hi Bob, thank you for your very interesting reply. You being an ‘incomer’ and you know all this information! Good you married a local girl which will help you ‘fit in’ with the other locals!

Very interesting about Ken Milligan, we didn’t know half of that. Yes they were a nice family. We did know he worked with the health service. He was still sprightly in the 70’s and didn’t know unfortunately that he needed to use a wheel chair latterly. That will be great if you will be able to post more when you have some time.

Interesting about St James had no idea when it was built. It’s a nice sandstone church with the hall at the back if it’s still there. So it seems the church was built well after the houses in the street.

Didn’t know three generations of the Moir family had lived at no. 10 for all that time.

There were remnants in no. 16 of gas lighting fixtures but we always had electricity. I remember the street used to be lit by gas lights and I remember the gas lighter man came with a ladder to get up to light them in the evening. There was one light directly outside no 16. When they took it away we think there was an escape of gas into the garden as we lost lots of plants.

Oh yes Portobello is famous for the Buchan pottery and the thistle. Interesting the potter lived at no. 10. Wonder if all the houses in the street were built in 1872?

Oh goodness no. 11 has been demolished and it was the only house that stood by itself in the street. As I said earlier we thought we noticed it lent to the side. Perhaps that was the problem why it was demolished also the Figgate burn nearby too.

Thank you for taking the time to inform me about the street which we hold fond memories.

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PostPosted: 27 Feb 2014, 23:20
by gene
Wow Bob thank you for the video of the street party on 08. Why did they hold a street party? was it a special occasion? So these people in the film are the residents of the street now. Great to see and good to see Moira has she lived at no. 16 for a while? We will have another look at it! Many thanks, much appreciated.

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PostPosted: 27 Feb 2014, 23:23
by gene
I see there has been 110 views but no one else seems to want to post yet.

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PostPosted: 01 Mar 2014, 14:41
by Stephen Dishon
I'm not sure Bob does fit in with the locals. Just kidding. I met Bob many years ago when we set up By coincidence he lived across the road from my girlfriend who lived in 13. Her parents are Kath and Kevin Thomson and moved away. I believe the Thomsons bought the house from the family. I married said girlfriend, Victoria, so I'll ask the Thomsons what they know about 13s history.

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PostPosted: 01 Mar 2014, 17:34
by gene
Thank you for your post. Oh I'm sure Bob fits in with the locals, well he will be doing his best I suppose!
It's good you both set up the porty forum especially for folks like me who like to find out how porty is doing after all this time. Especially Rosefield street!

How did you get that nice picture put there? Can't make out what it is? I tried to put a nice one on but it said it was too big. I'm not sure how to do things on here or my way around as I've never done this sort of thing before, but it's good fun and I'm enjoying it! Hope lots of others post too and need I say from the street, oh yeah!

When we lived in no. 16, Hunter & McColl living in no.13. Eventually Hunter bought the house in Rosefield Avenue the one that faces into the street. Then Wilson moved into no.13. So that's all we know about no. 13.

Before my parents lived at no. 16, Allan who had a lovely big shoe shop in the High Street lived there. We were told that this shoe shop sold very high quality shoes!

It would be interesting if you could be able to find out the history of no. 13. Also if anyone else knows the history of any other property in the Street that would be interesting too. It would be good to know how the Rosefield area started especially the street.

Thank you for the link to the school. Must have a look! I'm sure it will have changed after all those years. There used to be a very large mural of colourful horses on the wall of the assembly/gym hall. It covered all the wall. There was also a glass cabinet there with small stuffed animals and they looked quite realistic. There was a cow, not the full size! I may add in the cabinet and we were allowed to pull a cord at it's neck and it said moo! Oh these were the days, not! There will be no Miss Bertram, Miss McCrobie or Miss Reid now though.

See there has been lots of more views now! Wonder if there will be more posts!

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PostPosted: 12 Mar 2014, 15:52
by gene
Hi Bob, As you said you had interviewed Ken Milligan and I'm sure the interview was very interesting to those who knew him. It was certainly for us. So how about interviewing everyone who lives in the street who would be willing and you could write an article about that if they thought it was alright. It would be interesting for the residents and would help everyone to know each other a bit better. Perhaps everyone keeps themselves to themselves as they did all those years ago so this might be a good idea? Then if you have more time you could expand your horizons and interview residents further afield in Porty. Well it's only a thought.

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PostPosted: 04 May 2014, 14:13
by Ericdean
Read about the mural in Towerbank School and I too remember it well. It was designed and painted by Miss Hilary Wilson, and unveiled on 26/11/1947 by Stanley Cursiter RSA, an artist who was then Director of the National Galleries of Scotland, and a local resident at Brunstane House.
Two photos of the event were printed in the Edinburgh Evening News on 27/11/1947, and can be seen in the press cuttings held in Portobello Library.
There are boards covering the wall of the hall, and I would like to think that the mural is still intact behind them. Maybe someone at the school might investigate.
Cheers, Eric

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PostPosted: 08 May 2014, 20:07
by gene
That's good to know after all those years there may be a chance that the mural in the school hall might still be there.

Thank you for the information about it, something I hadn't known. It was so well painted, Miss Hilary Wilson was very talented. It was lovely big and bright for all the children to look at over the many years. Perhaps it took their attention away from what they were supposed to be listening to!

We live far away from Portobello now, in the north west of Scotland, very rural surrounded by mountains, such a beautiful part of Scotland. The Cuckoo has arrived it is nice to hear it's song, the herald of Spring. Don't suppose the small birds will be pleased that it has arrived though! I remember we learned about it in class at Towerbank. Don't know if it was in Miss Mac Robbies class or Miss Reid's class. Unfortunately I won't be able to pop into Portobello Library to have a look at the photos of the event in the Edinburgh Evening News of 27.11.1947. The photos would have been nice to see again though.



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PostPosted: 13 May 2014, 16:55
by gene
I'm wondering if Porty beach is being bathed in sunshine and not to forget the lovely golden sands.

Here in the north west it's been a beautiful day, blue sky with wall to wall sunshine;

There are places far from cities
Where the spirit finds release
Where the mountains lochs and glens
Speak Eternally of peace.

This totally sums up here.

We learned this from Miss Reid at Towerbank all those years ago.

It's my birthday today so I'm glad the weather has been good.

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PostPosted: 25 May 2014, 20:04
by wilsonpeterhead
Hi, i stayed in number 13 from 1960 to 1980. I am one of five of a family, two brothers and two sisters, my mother and father stayed their until 1985, then moved out to Clackmannan. My cousin(K Thomson) bought the house from my parents.
My Wife and I went to Portobello recently and walked up to our old house we saw number 11 all boarded up. The street seemed smaller.
We walked all round Portobello,it was nice to reminisce.


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PostPosted: 28 May 2014, 11:39
by gene
Hi Willie

Yes it's nice to reminisce, I found the older I get the more I seemed to 'go back' if you get my drift! It must be an age thing! Good to hear about No. 13. Don't suppose I'll hear about others though.

If you click on the post sent by Bob Jefferson on 27.2.14 re Rosefield Street Party 08 you can have a look at the street as it was then. The great thing about this is that you can have a wee look at it again when you feel like it, oh yes it's good to reminisce again!

I remember you're family. You all attended St Johns Primary. I think you were the baby, William and your brothers & sisters were; Harry, Ann, Margaret, can't remember you're other brothers name was it Daniel? I think Harry had curly hair then. Anyway it was a long time ago. I remember your Dad kept you all 'toeing the line!.' Hope everyone is doing fine and you are too.

We haven't been back to the street for a long time now, but when we were there I found it surprising that there were so many cars parked and it looked narrower, probably to do with all the cars! It must be difficult for the residents parking. When we lived there not so many neighbours had cars they all just took the bus up to town. You said No. 11 was boarded up when you were there. On Bob Jefferson's post on 27.2.14 he said No.11 was demolished last year and is currently a vacant site. So now I'm thinking ... there could be a way to change Rosefield Street into a through road and that would be much easier for everyone. It could be made into a 20 zone; '20's plenty.' Perhaps a road could be made at the side of No 12 along the side of the Figgate burn and out onto Rosefield Place. Good idea, ehh!? Well probably no one would like this suggestion and Edinburgh Council wouldn't have the funds to implement this either. Well it's only a thought.

It was nice to reminisce again about all those years ago but things change and we all move on.

Health & Happiness to you all.